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Why Travel with CL Travels

Meet Our Owner

Red Barton – Prince of Carnival

President & CEO

A world traveler and Carnival expert, Red has traveled to over thirty countries.

He loves to experience different cultures and enjoys watching what the power of Carnival does to people no matter their circumstances. Red started Carnival Live TV to share with viewers what they were missing. With years of traveling the world chasing carnivals, he decided to bring people with him to experience the cultures and lifestyles he was covering. He then created Culture & Lifestyle Travels. Red studied at the University of Albany, and received two Master degrees in Library Science and Information Technology.


Floss Charles

Vice President of Operations

A person should never travel to escape life but travel to regain life.

Traveling for me has help shape my perspective of the world. Stemming from a small population of 100 thousand people, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines has shaped a lot about my culture and lifestyle. As a child I knew that there had to be a place much bigger then where I was from, and I knew one day I would be able to explore and experience it. Being presented with the opportunity to partner with CL Travels has allowed me to connect with people of all aspects of the world. My focus is to help the youths to adapt to new environments while learning new cultures and lifestyle.

A Little About CL TRAVELS

CL Travels is the result of evolution within the travel space. After years of travel as a carnival chaser and as a media personality in the Caribbean carnival scene worldwide, the call to invite others to experience travel the way I do became resounding.

As a company, CL Travels exist to create immersive travel experiences that are centered on cultures and lifestyles. We aim to bring groups of like-minded professionals to different parts of the world because we believe the ability to travel is a gift and one of the best investments one can make.

See you on our next trip!