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St. Lucia

This island known for the world’s only drive in volcano on the island’s south end. The north side, which houses the capital city Castries, explodes with countless activities, captivating views, and a carnival that you must experience.  Just a lovely island.



Best known for their spice exports, the Island of Spice brings new twist to island life. It’s six parishes are surrounded by pristine white sand beaches that hide some of the most unique underwater gems the Caribbean Sea has to offer. Don’t think of missing Spicemas.



Known for giving the world its favorite bad gal, Rihanna, the island of pride and industry is also home to Crop Over Festival.  If it’s breathtaking beaches and wildlife are any indication, and they are, there is an abundance of beauty and adventure to be enjoyed in Barbados.



To take a visit to Cuba, the largest of the caribbean islands, is to take a step back in time. It is an ode to the island’s longevity, the people’s perseverance, and a way to be enveloped in architecture and culture that has managed to remain timeless yet relevant and full of vigor.

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